Activities for Parents and Children

Activities for School Holidays at Home and Outdoors

Yoga can help with impulsive kids (Inspired by the Twinkl children’s holiday activities blog) You might think why do kids do Yoga? You might be wrong! Right now kids yoga is taking off. In fact, parents are trying it out in their drones. Why? Well for starters they can do it alongside the children, It relaxes…

10 Fun Places to visit in Indonesia with family

Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the hidden pearls of earth! Here’s just some of the things Indonesia is famous for: Volcanoes (Krakatau being the most famous), White sandy Beaches, Islands, Komodo Dragon, Orangutans, Rafflesia arnoldii (Worlds largest flower), Coffee, white sandy beaches and amazing islands, and many more! For those who haven’t been yet, there’s…

Outdoor Sensory Motor Skills Activities 🏃‍♀️

Age Group: 3+ Preparation Time: 30 Mins What you will need: Bicycle/Scooter / Hula  Hoops, Sticks, Beanbag, chalk, stopwatch. Method This activity requires outdoor space. It is a series of mini-challenges involving, throwing, climbing & jumping. Below are the list of things in this challenge, feel free to pick or choose what works best.  A) Ask the child to climb a structure such…


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About us

We are always seeking creative activity ideas for our little one! We have teaching experience and know that you can make a lot of learning points from simple ideas.

For example when reading a book to a child, there’s a lot more than a story that you can teach. When reading you can also teach sounds, pronunciation, colours, questions, gestures, props, and more.

With every small part of their world, there’s a whole new opportunity for exploration.

As your rising stars grow it can be challenging but at the same time fun to keep up to their desire to explore.

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