Designing Play Mats 🦦

A new-borns gateway to the world is through sensory play and observation . As every parent would know keeping a child busy with play is important for their development. Thankfully there’s plenty of activities parents can do to stimulate their little ones.

As toddlers one of the first stimulants for play can start with playmats. Playmats are fantastic for first movements, touch,material and colour.

Playmats are essential for babies to discover thier bodies potential and acts as a “baby gym” for enabling movement.

Not only does play itself open the doors to a creative child but it also stimulates sound, sensory play, co-ordination whilst at the same time allowing children to learn when exploring the world around them. Playmats are fantastic tools for parents to equip themseleves with thier newborns play needs.

There are plenty of playmats out there; you can even choose to design your own themed playmat. There certainly are alot of resources out there. To help get you started we’ve included a link to an undersea playmat design from TWINKL. Twinkl is a vast online learning archive for parents and teachers where you can choose from thousands of activities to keep your children active.

Be sure to combine playmats with other easy to reach soft toys and baby mirrors to help your little one on thier learning adventure whilst you watch them progress!


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