Diamond Hunt! 🪙

Diamond Hunt activity with sand

Age Group: 3-5

Preparation Time: 5 Mins

What you will need: Toy Shovel (Optional), Sand,  Colourful stones

Paint stones of varying colours.

Place them inside sand.

Ask the children to dig up the sand to find the colourful stones. 

Once they dig up the stone prompt them to mention the colour of the stone. 

The activity works best in an outdoor sandpit.

A preparation activity could also be done at home where you colour the stones. 

We hope this activity will give your rising star great joy. Remember your child learns a lot from you, so be sure to have a conversation with your child, build things together, allow them to feel different textures, listen to different sounds, let them use their coordination skills, develop their body control and watch as they learn. They will be sure to surprise you with the wonderful things they achieve day by day. 


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