Puppets 🎪

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

Age Group: 3-5

Preparation Time: 5-30 Mins

With this activity you can involve the child in the preparation for a more in-depth experience.

Essentially your making characters to role play along to and act out. There are two approaches, you can either purchase puppet toys and make them part of the activity or make your own role play toys through do-at-home material such as cornflakes boxes, plastic bottles, sticks, wrappers, containers or card.

Make a setting to act out the story line that could involve a table, behind a cardboard box or a tent etc

Once you have characters to create stories with , start by choosing your child’s favourite story and read along whilst acting out the parts with your puppets.

Encourage your child to pick a character and teach them to make sounds, gestures and ask questions to encourage interaction. Try to involve animals, places, colours and smells to encourage the child to make the most out of the activity.

Such as; where is the blue car?, or I’m not sure what noise cow makes, do you know?

Feel free to include some of their daily soft toys for added context.

We hope this activity will give your rising star great joy.

Remember your child learns a lot from you, so be sure to have a conversation with your child, build things together, allow them to feel different textures, hear different sounds, let them use their coordination skills and develop their body control and watch as they learn.

They will be sure to surprise you with the wonderful things they do day by day.

(Always supervise children, do not leave them unattended. Make sure their play area is safe.)


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