Butterfly Garden 🦋

Age Group: 3-8

Preparation Time: 20 Mins

What you will need: common insects checklist, magnifying glass (optional) ,pen/pencil/crayon 

This one is actually from Twinkl.

 We wanted to share it because its easy, stimulates exploration, lots of sensory play involved and lots of opportunity for children to discover something new for them.

The idea is to print out an insect checklist,then go to a green outdoor space like a park and when you spot an insect try to have kids identify it on the checklist and tick it off.

The places you can go are endless,ranging from a back garden to public parks. Its likely you will have a higher chance of spotting insects where there is plentifull vegitation such as hedges,forests and grassfields. 

Try taking along magnifying glass for an added sense of exploration.

You can also make your own animal checklist for when visiting a zoo.

Or even when visiting any places of nature such as a farm,pond,beach,aquarium,bird aviaries etc

You can also print out picture cards.

 When you go outside you can have the little ones to show you which card has the animal/insect that there looking at. Eg for butterfly you ask them to point out the butterfly and give them options whilst getting them to choose the right one. For added context talk about colour, location and size of the insects and animals spotted.

Animals variety can be increased for older ages. 


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