Activities for School Holidays at Home and Outdoors

Yoga can help with impulsive kids

Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels:

(Inspired by the Twinkl children’s holiday activities blog)

You might think why do kids do Yoga? You might be wrong! Right now kids yoga is taking off. In fact, parents are trying it out in their drones.

Why? Well for starters they can do it alongside the children, It relaxes childrenkeeps them off-screen time, allows positive energy transfer, provides better quality sleep, and improves calming down time which in return has a knock-on effect on their body clock.


With kid’s yoga, it uses different techniques compared to yoga for adults.

For younger children its more of a game. It also involves songs and storytelling. For example, the story “Three Little Pigs” can easily be told with yoga movements and house shapes could be acted out with your arms and body stretches whilst talking along as it was a drama play. Its a different world and an exciting one! Wait till you get those kids jumping all over you and wanting to do it themselves!

The true deal is in the fun element of things. Make it a calming routine and allow your kids to be as creative as they want!

Strength and Flexibility

The gentle muscle flexes and lying down and standing up are proactively encouraging the body joints to move around. Allowing the kids to use all types of muscles as they make different shapes.

Reduces Anxiety

Many studies have shown yoga to reduce Anxiety. It can also help with impulsive children. The gentle movements help calm them down, and retains focus, and when combined with breathing patterns calm children a great deal.

Coordination & Balance

Through coordinated action, they eventually develop their fine motor skills. They practice balance and forwards, backward and steady motion. It becomes a time for children to be able to discover their body movements and interact with their body by finding their posture and being able to coordinate themselves.

Focus & Concentration

Combine the yoga with prompts such as yoga balls to give them added flexibility. Allow the children to take their time with their actions and be creative with how you present the stories/songs or sessions with. The focus element allows them to be mindful and should be able to enable them to evaluate scenarios over time and make them better thinkers.


Allow the children to find their balance pressure points, this will make them understand what is and is not comfortable. For example, when they tiptoe and stretch their arms in the air, ask them what happens if they stay like that too long. When they understand what they are capable of this will eventually lead to them being able to fight off any future self-doubts.

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