Outdoor Sensory Motor Skills Activities 🏃‍♀️

Climbing Frame Age Group: 3+ Preparation Time: 30 Mins What you will need: Bicycle/Scooter / Hula  Hoops, Sticks, Beanbag, chalk, stopwatch. Method This activity requires outdoor space. It is a series of mini-challenges involving, throwing, climbing & jumping. Below are the list of things in this challenge, feel free to pick or choose what works best.  A) Ask the child to climb a … Continue reading Outdoor Sensory Motor Skills Activities 🏃‍♀️

Diamond Hunt! 🪙

Diamond Hunt activity with sand Age Group: 3-5 Preparation Time: 5 Mins What you will need: Toy Shovel (Optional), Sand,  Colourful stones Paint stones of varying colours. Place them inside sand. Ask the children to dig up the sand to find the colourful stones.  Once they dig up the stone prompt them to mention the colour of the stone.  The activity works best in an outdoor … Continue reading Diamond Hunt! 🪙