Sticky Notes Trail πŸ“’

Age Group: 1-5

Difficulty: Easy

Set-up time: 10 Mins

Time to get messy!

Colourful sticky notes are very engaging and are guaranteed to grab your little ones attention

This activity is called “Sticky notes trail” Its basically a trail along the floor that curves and bends like a path.

The idea is that the child plays around with the different coloured notes and getting your child to follow the path so they understand the set up you have created.

The first step is for the child to grasp the idea of following the path.

You can add further steps of complexity by including snacks behind specific colours and see if the child understands which colours have snacks.

You can also try attaching sticky notes to objects or along the wall if your encouraging your little one to stand up.

Try adjusting the game if your little one gets bored, and maybe stick the notes on toys or objects whilst saying the names and seeing if they can repeat after you.

There’s all sorts of creative ideas that will mushroom from doing this basic activity!

Happy Learning!

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